Electronic regulators for fireplaces, stoves and wood and biomass heating stoves

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Aelix: experts in thermoregulation for your comfort

Aelix is a company specialized in the production of electronic regulators for air and water control in heat generators, such as fireplaces and stoves powered by wood or biomass. Founded in 2015 by Alessandro Bertoncello, an expert in the field of thermoregulation with over thirty years of experience, Aelix is based in Cassola, Vicenza. Its mission is to provide innovative solutions for fireplaces, ventilated inserts, monoblocks and stoves, ensuring advanced electronic regulation of both convection and combustion air.

Aelix was created to satisfy a specific market need: to offer innovative electronic regulation to all those heat generators that do not have them, in order to ensure greater energy efficiency, keeping the at the same time high standards of eco-sustainability as regards combustion and the release of fumes. With commitment towards innovation and sustainability, Aelix stands as a point of reference in the sector by offering technical solutions cutting edge.

Aelix products:
a wide range of electronic regulators for heat generators


Regulators for the ventilation of fireplaces, ventilated inserts and stoves
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Regulators for hot water and DHW control of fireplaces and stoves
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Customized solutions created ad hoc for specific market needs
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Continuous research: innovation and quality in heat control

Through careful analysis of specific needs, Aelix develops innovative products to respond concretely to the demands of a market increasingly interested in interacting in a simple and intuitive way with electronic devices, in order to easily regulate the heat of the surrounding environment. The continuous search for innovative solutions translates into functional, technological products with a modern design to ensure effective energy savings for the constant benefit of end users.

Aelix's core values include product reliability, market-driven innovation, and a strong social and environmental responsibility transmitted both to end users and to the entire supply chain supplying.

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Aelix by your side: advanced, functional and reliable services

Aelix offers a wide range of services dedicated to ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

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Custom products

Aelix specializes in creating fully customized devices based on specifications production or market needs. Offering tailor-made solutions that allow you to achieve optimal results is a strength of Aelix.

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After-sales assistance

The company undertakes to accompany the customer in the after-sales phase, providing complete support for any product updates. A team of Aelix experts is also able to offer assistance to distance, ensuring a timely and efficient resolution of the critical issues that have arisen.

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Energy saving, optimal comfort: thermoregulation at the service of sustainability.

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