Customized solutions for ventilation or management regulators water from stoves and fireplaces

Aelix offers customized solutions to design customized electronic regulators to be installed on heat generators such as fireplaces, monoblocks or stoves to control their ventilation. Aelix is able to satisfy everyone's needs customer, collaborating with them from the initial stage of development to the finished product. The company offers services that include design, prototyping and production, both for the electronic and mechanical parts. Furthermore, if necessary, it is able to create customized plastic molds or metal containers.

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One of the key areas of customization concerns the design of the regulator, which is designed to integrate to the aesthetics of the finished heat generator. Customization can also affect the adjustment method, which can take place in manual, semi-automatic, automatic and even remote control mode, to ensure maximum convenience and flexibility in the use of the regulators themselves. Personalization doesn't just stop at the design and methods of regulation, but also includes the adaptation of the regulator to the installed ventilation motor, to the dimensions of the generator and the surface to be heated.

Customization in 5 steps

Aelix is committed to providing solutions that are in tune with the specific needs of each customer, offering a full customization for a tailor-made and highly efficient thermoregulation experience.


arises directly from market needs or customer feedback


the work team translates the idea into a basic sketch


following the sketch a prototype is created and tested


the feasibility of the prototype and mass production is studied, optimizing them to the max structure, timing and costs at the same time


real mass production destined for the market

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